The Resurrection of Mary


A Novel by David Armstrong

The Story

Turning Injustice into Justice

A man is proven beyond a reasonable doubt to have the ability to kill with his mind. Mary is a young, ambitious soon to be lawyer who makes a case for him to be tried for murder. An equally ambitious secret group, born at Yale and solidified through the Skull and Bones, conclude the facts to be true. They take the case to a national level, looking to eliminate judicial activism. Legal action is taken and people start to die.

The Characters

Mary Morgan

Mary Morgan doesn't like being second. She is young, but smart and determined to be different. She can think fast, remember everything, and is focused on research, hardwork and finding the truth.

Jack Rucker

Jack Rucker has spent his entire life in the pursuit of justice. He went to Yale, recruited for Skull & Bones, and quietly influenced the history of the US Legal system. He is now in the fight of his life.

Mark Solier

Mark Solier had led an interesting life. He graduated early, traveled the world, and is an executive at Baxter Enterprises, a cutting edge genetic pharmaceutical company. He is different than most people, which scares them.

Joe Callahan

Joe Callahan is Jack Rucker's friend and is a hard nosed sheriff from New Mexico. He is well liked, becomes governor, then a senator and then runs for the nation's highest office. Not without a little controversy along the way though.

Stephen C. Canner

Stephen C. Canner is a relentless journalist who creates sensational news by putting together stories with only a few facts. He never stops. He has a nose for scandal and is almost always right.

Ralph Staufer

Ralph Staufer wants to be a quiet hero. He has known Jack Rucker for more than forty years, and has been involved in almost every major legislative transformation in the United States, yet know one knows him. He likes it that way.

About the Author

David Armstrong is a dad of three kids and a husband to a wonderful wife. He has lived multiple lives in one. Growing up in a small town near Philadelphia, serving in the US Air Force, serving as a combat veteran, then a corporate drone and tech entrepreneur. He is a first generation American. He has never given up on what should be. He defines himself as a former rebel, now a renegade.

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